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gps check-in

Check-in to locations with GPS

Hospitality moves fast

You need confirmation your staff are in the right place at the right time.

And if they're not, you need to know about it so you can do something about it

Automate your bookings so staff can notify you when they're onsite or if they're running late.

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visa tracking

Visa Hours Tracking, Automatically

For every job, for every staff member.

Automatically track allowed hours of Visa work with the ability to include exclusion periods

Filters out unsuitable candidates based on numbers of hours automatically

Transfers straight into payroll to save you more time

Because you need to focus on getting staff out, not on paperwork


Streamlined, Paperless Onboarding

Getting new staff has never been easier and faster! Everything can be completed online from anywhere!

Including any documentation & automatic ID Cards, all stored in the cloud for easy access.

Allows you to recruit on scale, from anywhere , at anytime.

Get people out to work faster whilst ticking all the boxes.

The best part? You'll know the performance of your recruitment sources as well. Allowing expontential growth.

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