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Our Story

entire software was founded through a frustration with standard software that was inflexible, ugly and just plain difficult to work with, despite how much we tried to adapt our business around it. Our belief is that that sophisticated software development and products should be accessible, affordable and simple for any company, large or small. entire's philosophy was born through an international investment which lead to our Indian office in New Delhi.

Our international team is lead by intelligent business analysts who work with your ideas and needs, coordinating your business strategies into simple, accessible technology applications for your clients and staff. We provide software project management, business analysis, software development, testing and specialist technological innovation, delivering secure, successful software solutions for all business sizes and industries.

Core Values

What we stand for and how we do business


Belief & Confidence

We believe in our products and our company's will to succeed which is why we provide service to match that. If you work with us everything is possible, our confidence comes from our ability to produce results.


Customer always wins!

For every decision we make we always look at who is winning. Is it us or the customer? Everytime there's a decision that we are unsure of we ask ourselves "who wins?" and we choose the customer.


Be Respectful

Manners go a long way. Always treat others how you would like to be treated. We have found this is critical to building long-term successful business relationships.


Wasting time is a crime

Time is money! No seriously. People's time and how they chose to use it is the only truly finite assett in the world. We respect your time immensely and ask you to respect ours in turn.


Take Responsibility

Mistakes happen. We get this, what's important is that when they do we take responsibility for them and and make amends as soon as possible. It's also very important to learn from mistakes, and where possible - learn from others mistakes first (they cost you nothing).


Have Fun

Work should be fun (at times). Whilst there's times to "hustle"enjoying the journey along the way is important. Having a sense of humour makes the good times great and the tough times bearable.


There's always a solution

There very rarely is ever a perfect ideal solution that walks up and presents itself in our experience. Our staff are expected to find the best solution for every situation. Simply having this mindset enables our teams to brainstorm their way to success.


Staff happiness

We take inspiration from Richard Branson on this one. We pride ourselves on the self-development and fufilment of our staff. By default we find that this leads to happy staff which leads to happy customers.


Honesty & Integrity

Our word is our bond, if we guarentee something we will provide it. This is passed on from our Founder and is a value we are always conscious of in our discussions between team and customers.


Entire are always looking for amazing undiscovered talent in the software and business industry.
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Apply Direct

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