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Software Development

Boost your Business Performance with Entire Software Custom made software solutions.

There is always a question somewhere in the mind to pick a “Custom Software Development” solution for your business or “off-the-shelf” Solution. There are various factors to be considered before you decide.

Some of these factors are Industry, Time, Cost Factor, Upgrades, Warranty, Short term or Long term Solution, Owned Product (Just for you), and Software Company Dependency.

After evaluating the above factors, if you decide to get the ‘Custom Software Development’ then next thing comes is the decision to make about getting a fully integrated “ERP Solution” or “BOB Solution”. Best of breed (BOB) means using a specific software program or package for each specific application or requirement. To share information between the applications, the information is either printed out from one package or manually input to the next using a third party package to provide varying degrees of integration. This approach generally requires a considerable amount of IT time to set up and maintain. Fully Integrated Software (ERP) is a software package with a number of integrated modules to cover a range of functions and requirements.

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Mobile App Development

If there is any platform that has given a new definition to the word technology, it is undoubtedly the Mobile Applications.

We build "off the shelf" iPhone, iPad, & Android Apps. We have the expertise in developing Enterprise mobile apps. We do Applications for any industry, providing solutions includes end to end App Development, your contents, colors, & Branding.

Our mobile app development professionals know exactly the needs of customers & have developed Enterprise apps.

"As per the market survey, While Android offers an exposure to more potential users, IOS offers more revenue and user loyalty.Out-of-the-box applications such as those created by iphone app developers, can certainly take businesses to new heights and we have witnessed the same in the past. According to latest reports, Appstore offers 5 times more revenue per download, with much higher user retention rates. IOS also holds a relatively high market share in North America, Europe and Australia (around 50%).If your app relies on early revenue or targets one of the western world markets, iOS is a very viable first choice. There are fewer apps to compete with and higher chances getting to revenue fast. This can prove to be a key choice especially if your product or startup requires capital to run."

The well-researched and integrated process followed by our Iphone app development company will help you distribute your free, commercial, or in-house applications in the market.

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On-Hire Cloud Technology HR Software


Software Development Australia

Our Mission

“To help our clients achieve their goals and improve their business in whatever way we can, through custom software solutions that they love."

If you'd like some more info, or even just some free tech advice please get in touch. We love new challenges and would love to help your business ideas grow.

We always deliver

Entire Software was founded through a frustration with standard software was inflexible, ugly and just plain difficult to work with, despite how much we tried to adapt our business around it. Our belief is that that sophisticated software development and products should be accessible, affordable and simple for any company, large or small. Entire's philosophy was born through an international investment which lead to our Indian Office in New Delhi.

By combining our Indian technical skills with Australian business leadership strategies, our parent company became Australia's Largest Privately owned on-hire company in the health industry. This investment included $1million and over 5 years of of internal research and development, eventually cultivating in our patented Entire HR Software Package.

Entire is a bit different to other software developers as our head office and leadership is in Malvern, Australia, whilst our development team is based in New Delhi, India. Whilst most software companies either develop their software themsleves or outsoure the majority of their technical development overseas, Entire is already there, meaning we offer a 20-30% cost reduction on the exact same software as our competitors.

Our international team is lead by intelligent business analysts who work with your ideas and needs, coordinating your business strategies into simple, accessible technology applications for your clients and staff. We provide software project management, business analysis, software development, testing and specialist technological innovation, delivering secure, successful software solutions for all business sizes and industries.

We also provide hosting of Web-based applications and ERP Solutions securely through our own dedicated HP Servers for Clients if they require.

When you work with Entire Software you will meet a team that loves what it does. Through every part of the development process we will provide affirmative energy and support to create your unique business ideas. Whether you are a small or medium private business, a large corporate or a government organization, we will enhance your business systems and processes via creative custom software solutions that are designed to your specifications.

Our clients love our beautiful software

We have worked hard to create the most innovative, powerful and simple to use software for our clients, feel free to test drive some of our current software designed for On-hire companies or if you looking for something else give us a call.

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our journey until now

  • Entire Software Beginning


    Our Humble Beginnings

    Frustrated by the lack of functionality and flexibility of healthcare software for Nursing Agencies and requiring a competitive advantage after the Global Financial Crisis, a small privately owned Nursing Agency manager, Steve Thomson, needed build him a new software system. An almost chance meeting leads him to a young Senior Programmer Sachin Nichal, creating a small software team for the project, this team would grow and eventually split into it's own company, known as Entire Software.

  • Entire Software Launching


    First Software Launch

    Entire launches a world first allocations system, using admin customisation and back end automated processes to improve the call center operations by 35%. Entire Software's team grows from 5 staff to 15 as the team begins looking at improving other areas of the Nursing Agency through custom development.

  • Entire HR Software

    Early 2014

    Entire HR completed

    Entire Software finishes the final component of our HR software for the Nursing Agency, a financial payroll system designed for on hire companies that changes the way shifts are booked and reduces their overheads by 30%.

  • About our company

    Late 2014

    Entire Branches Out!

    Entire starts the next phase of our journey and starts independantly developing and operating as its own entity. Completing work for new clients in the construction and telecommunications industries after rescuing some software and some hard work.

  • Labour Hire Management

    Early 2015

    Product Expansion

    Entire adds to its roster of products by developing and integrating some new technologies with our current software and Apps, new clients in the on-hire industry and ongoing projects around Australia lead to some long term, ongoing support for several companies, leading to company growth in our technical division.

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why you should go

Creating custom software is about giving businesses and individuals the power to achieve their goals, in the most effecient way possible. There are no limits when designing custom software, and this is what makes it so powerful. It is a true competitive advantage over your competitors, a company strength that is difficult to replicate.

The best software improves your business by making difficult tasks simple and simple tasks autonomous, it reduces pressure on staff, helps drive innovation and increases organisational cohesion and performance. Off-the-shelf, standard software can do all this as well, but ''one-size fits all" approach means often businesses find themselves working around poor design or functionality, sometimes for years frustrated without knowing how they can rectify the situation.

Entire Software builds reliable, flexible and powerful software to guarentee you a massive, happy return on your investment. Custom software is an investment in your business or entrepreneurial goals, with Entire you can see those goals become a reality.

Because "everything is possible".

some background

Leading Technologies

  • Microsoft .NET
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • IOS/Android
  • PHP Open Source
  • Sharepoint
  • Oracle

Industry Experience

  • Healthcare
  • On-hire
  • Construction
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Food Produce
  • Education

Previous Software Development

  • Health Record Processing
  • Recruiting Systems
  • Allocation Systems
  • Staff Management
  • Restaurant Pos Programs
  • Payroll Manager
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Inventory Control
  • Reception Automation

read our

Agile development means managers can manage the software direction throughout the development lifecycle. This is achieved through regular cadences of work, known as Sprints or iterations, at the end of which teams must present a potentially shippable product in a small component. By focusing on the repetition of abbreviated work cycles as well as the functional product they yield, agile methodology is described as “iterative” and “incremental.”

This “inspect-and-adapt” approach to development greatly reduces development costs and completion time. Because teams can develop software simultaneously with gathering requirements, “analysis paralysis” is less likely to impede a team from making progress. Additionally because a team’s work cycle is limited to two weeks, stakeholders have recurring opportunities to assess progress and calculate marketing strategies.

Agile development helps companies build the right product. Instead of committing to market a piece of software that hasn’t been written yet, agile empowers teams to continuously analyse and revalulate the product throughout development, allowing them to be as competitive as possible in the marketplace. Agile development preserves a product’s critical market relevance in workable stages, ensuring a team’s work doesn’t wind up on a shelf, never released.

Custom software is always initially more expensive than a standard program bought from a company, simply because it is purpose built for you alone and the build cost cannot be spread among multiple buyers. Additionally, custom software often involves combining multiple technologies in a new innovative way to work together, trying to combine different languages together is complicated. Thusly Software development cost is a combination of expertise and labour time/hours.The initial investment of custom software always saves more money in the long run, which is why more businesses are heading towards this business model.

It depends upon the software required, a basic website may cost $2,000-$4,000 whilst a simple app for just iPhone might cost as little as $3,000-$7,000. Conversely, a fully integrated online interface that communicates with mobile Apps and requires secure database hosting can range from $15,000 to upwards of $100,000. Most of our software development to date has been between below this mark althought . We are very flexible in our cost process, using either staggered payments or upfront costing which we chunk together over the development cycle and we only invoice you once you are satisfied with each stage of the project.

It depends on the client, an integral part of our service is a thorough, honest assessment of your business model and your requirements. Customer satisfaction is crucial in this industry and custom software may not be necessary depending on the size of the company, its budget or and the availability of existing adequate off the shelf software. When you consider that the right software program may save you the equivalent of 1 or 2 staff member salaries each year due to increased time management. It can save $50,000 a year by reducing overheads and an extra $100,000 every year over several years due to increased business by your customers, thusly the initial cost is easily offset.

You shouldn’t until you do your research! But seriously, we invite you to shop around and find a friendly, more affordable custom software company in Australia. While no custom software is cheap, Entire is substantially more affordable (20-30%) than other Australian custom software company while producing at least equal if not superior quality products. Once built, each App, Program or Interface is completely yours to do with as you please. We also offer varied pay methods, so we have a great option for every business size. We treat our software is an unlimited product for you to use at will.

We guarantee delivery of whatever requirement is agreed upon in the software design finalisation, we wouldn’t get much business otherwise! Thusly we have found that open communication is vital to provide you with the exact product Optima needs. Additionally, Entire offers unlimited free support for one year after successful implementation, we take great pride in our work support is an integral component of the software design process. Thusly support is free for the first year as we are pretty sure you won’t need it! After 1 year we offer an unlimited support retainer for 10% of the total product cost per annum.

It depends on the app and software. A simple project might take 2 to 3 weeks while a complex, fully integrated system might take more than 12 months or so. So far most of our projects have been around 2-6 months. We estimate as close as possible the time taken to build your project to give you a realistic timeframe for integration. This also helps absorb the cost for your business and means throughout the entire process you have constant communication and reaffirmation with us, as it should be.

Great software, designed exactly as you want it to be, shouldn’t need training, it should be intuitive and immediately accessible to the user and do exactly what you want it as that’s the benefit of custom software. However all new things can take some time and thusly we do of course offer a guiding hand throughout the implantation stage once your software is built. We offer a full year of free support and training for any issues or queries but generally after the final implementation stage we are have not found these requested.

We build all our Projects with a ‘Masters’, this makes them flexible so you can keep the same software structure for your needs but adjust what levels and requirements the system will use to perform functions (eg. Automatically block all appointments after “SET TIME” AM/PM). Using a process is known as ‘Soft-Coding’ and which is usually more time consuming to develop, however it greatly lengthens the flexibility and lifespan of your software. If you do require additional completely new features after implementation or midway through development that will cost more than if you had originally put that feature in the original planning stage. However small adjustments and modifications it is usually always possible and we will always accommodate changes free of cost where we can.

agile development

Agile Development Process

Intelligent Innovation

Whilst the complete design process is obviously much more complicated than this, we have atempted to layout a basic model for companies and organisations to give a general overiew of the software development process.

We use the Agile Methodology, a development process that is only possible with a strong organisational culture and highly-motivated, skilled employees. Very few software companies are able to develop efficiently with such a demanding design process, however we are a little bit different to other companies.

We've designed this project methodology to mitigate risk for both parties whilst still producing the best possible software as per your budget and requirements. Building a new component for your organisation should be an personalised and exciting process and we have found this a great way to form business relationships.

The main strength of this agile methodology is the specific tailoring the project to your business processes whilst constantly maintaining communication and visibility to your stakeholders. Agile software development involves integrating a combination of development methods in which the solutions to your requirements evolve through collaboration between self-organized, cross-functional matrix teams. The Agile methodology allows us to analyse your requirements and select the best variety of techniques and tools for the task required.

The Entire Software difference is that all our software is built by experienced business managers and software architects who know how to make your awesome ideas a living breathing extension of your business.

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Our Team

Stephen Thomson
Stephen Thomson
Sachin Nischal
Sachin Nischal
Software Architect - Director
Blake Thomson
Blake Thomson
Business Analyst - Director
Fancy Mehta
Fancy Mehta
Client Liaison Manager
Sanjay Nagpal
Sanjay Nagpal
Software Developer
Sanjiv Nischal
Sanjiv Nischal
Software Tester
Rajesh Kumar
Rajesh Kumar
Software Developer
Naresh Singh
Naresh Singh
UI Developer
Deepak Kumar
Deepak Kumar
Software Developer
Ajay Lather
Ajay Lather
Software Developer
Rahul Jangir
Rahul Jangir
Software Developer
Abhineet Srivastava
Abhineet Srivastava
Software Developer
Kalpana Rai
Kalpana Rai
HR Admin
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Niket Priyadarshi
iOS Developer
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Sachin Malik
Android Developer

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